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Nine+ Pineapple Express Hybrid

Nine+ Pineapple Express Hybrid

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This gummy’s got it all.

Can’t decide between Sativa or Indica? Look no further than Pineapple Express Nine+! This Hybrid begs the question: Porque no los dos?

Pineapple Express Nine+ has the best of both worlds. Our hemp-derived gummies are infused with 25mg of Indica THC and cannabis terpenes, providing a flavorful, full-spectrum experience that promotes relaxation and an uplifting mentality.

Our first product to feature cannabis terpenes, these gummies deliver a unique, flavorful full-spectrum experience. In addition to enhancing the effects of the THC strain, the terpenes promote inflammation reduction and relaxation.

A delicious way to unwind in bed after a long day or have a nice walk in the park, this gummy’s got you covered. Treat yourself to a little bit of paradise with Pineapple Express Nine+!


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