The Green Relief Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Trying to share your love for GR with your loved one? We’ve got you covered in our cover-all-bases Valentine’s day gift guide for your friend, family, or special someone.

For the person you go on adventures with

Whenever you are wanting to try a new restaurant or explore a different part of the city without a map, this person is always down. You can text them, conjure a fluid, structureless plan, and have a fun, boundless evening with lots of joyful discovery! , Share one of these treats to make the adventure much more exciting:

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For the person you think deserves a restful night in

These products are for someone you admire that you wish saw themselves the way you see them. Often so busy with work, it can be hard for them to take time for their loved ones. Perhaps they won’t schedule a self-care night without you being there to close their laptop. For the hard-working superheroes in your life, we recommend:

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For the person you work at a coffee shop with

Some of the greatest connections are those where we can feel comfortable in the shared silence! Whether you’re nose-deep in a book or getting some remote work done, being able to be productive in the presence of a loved one is a pleasure that does not go unappreciated. Grab some of these items to amplify your next steamy work sesh:

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For the person you want to laugh with all night long

What’s life without the silly, whimsical nights full of endless laughter? When you’re with this person, you always have a blast. They bring you smiles like no other and highlight the special, light-hearted moments in life that keep on giving. Cancel all obligations, call them up, and have a fun night in with one of these treats:

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