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Which products will provide the feeling of ‘being high?’

The products that will produce that "euphoric" feeling will be any under our THC drop down in the top menu. These products include some of our best-sellers: Munchiez, Elevate, and Nine!

Will the CBD products show positive on a drug test?

Our full spectrum products, such as Stillness, Zen, and Snooze, can contain up to .3% THC (under the legal amount). However, CBD will not produce the feeling of ‘being high.’ While unlikely, it is possible that traces of THC can be found on a drug test.

Do you offer smokeable products?

Yes, we do offer smokeable products. However, availability may vary based on your location, and age verification is required. For more information or to place an order, please reach out to us via email at support@grnrelief.com or contact our dispensary directly at 210.500.6430 to speak to a budtender.

What states can Delta-8 not ship to?

As of August 2021, at least 18 states in the US have implemented restrictions or bans on Delta-8 THC, including: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington. However, it's important to note that cannabis-derived Delta-9 THC, in contrast, can be legally shipped to all states in the US. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these restrictions on Delta-8 THC.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Please visit our shipping and returns page for more information.

Can you ship internationally?

Unfortunately at this time Green Relief cannot ship outside of the United States. We hope to one day!

Difference between Delta-8 THC and Delta-9 THC?

Delta-8 and Delta-9 are two types of THC, the stuff that makes you feel high in cannabis. The main difference is where their chemical double bond is located: Delta-8 has it on the 8th carbon chain, and Delta-9 has it on the 9th. Delta-9 is usually stronger and gives a more intense high, while Delta-8 is milder. Check out our new blog for more detailed info on these differences!

What is Nine?

Nine is our Delta 9 Hemp-Derived THC 12mg gummy infused with 5mg of CBD Isolate. Delta 9 is what is found in more common THC and has a more intense effect than Delta 8. If you're a beginner, start small.

How are these products legal?

The products we provide are legal to order online because they are derived from cannabis, and their legality is supported by the 2018 Farm Bill. This legislation has established a legal framework for the cultivation and sale of certain cannabis-derived products.

Do you offer discreet packaging?

Yes, at Green Relief, we understand the importance of privacy and discretion. All our cannabis-derived products are packaged discreetly to ensure your peace of mind. Our packaging is both secure and inconspicuous, allowing you to receive your order without drawing unwanted attention. Rest assured that we prioritize your confidentiality and strive to make your shopping experience with Green Relief as discreet as possible. If you have any specific concerns or requests regarding packaging, feel free to contact our customer support team, and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.