Which CBD/THC Product you’ll love based on your Zodiac Sign

It’s just a fact: Astrology lovers love a good hemp-product. Now, the stars have aligned. Discover your next favorite Green Relief item with this guide!


Aries Taffy

Aries - Laughing Taffy

The headstrong Aries is deserving of a THC treat as bold as its approach to life. Laughing Taffy is Green Relief’s 15mg Hemp-Derived Delta-9 THC candies. Available in 3 flavors and strains, you’re sure to get the highs in life that you demand. Both courageous and cheerful, this treat will bring out your childlike joy and your fearless bravery.

Taurus Sleep CBD Gummies

Taurus - Snooze

Grounded and hard-working, the practical Taurus appreciates a luxurious, restful night’s sleep to recharge for a busy day ahead. Snooze is GR’s 27mg full-spectrum CBD gummy infused with melatonin. Snooze allows you to relieve tension in both the mind and body, indulging in the comforts of life. In addition, the small amounts of THC in the full-spectrum gummy enhances the experience through the “entourage effect”. This quality treat is efficient and effective, fitting the Taurus’ standard.

Gemini Elevate Gummies

Gemini - Elevate

Quick-witted Gemini, we think you’ll appreciate this one. Amicable and enthusiastic, Gemini enjoys a good opportunity to embrace their energy and zest to entertain a room. Elevate is GR’s 30mg Delta-8 gummy that gets straight to the good part. Providing an uplifting, “euphoric” experience, Elevate compliments Gemini’s chatty and bubbly nature beautifully. Plus, you get to enjoy a nice mind and body high without the paranoia and with allllll the relaxation. No brainer, right?

Cancer, Munchiez

Cancer - Zen

The nurturing Cancer, while in touch with their emotions and intuition, can sometimes tend to prioritize caring for family and loved ones and leave self-care trailing behind. Share the warm, caring love to your own corner with a calm mind and relaxing aid. Zen is our 25mg full-spectrum CBD gummy. Sweet and simple, these small treats go a long way in bringing you peace, calm, and clarity. Take one gummy during the day so you can snuggle up at home with some comfort food and facetime your bestie stress-free.

Leo, Munchiez

Leo - Munchiez

Extravagant and fiery, Leo is going right for the gold. Munchiez, much like Leo, is the star of the show. This top-selling 300mg THC edible, available in both Delta-8 and Delta-9, is as delicious as it is potent. This ambitious treat provides an intense high, bringing happiness and energy to the forefront. Munchiez is made to amplify the joy and charm we all appreciate so much about you, Leo.

Virgo CBD oil

Virgo - CBD Oil: Serenity, Harmony, Stillness

The earthy, sensible Virgo seeks a natural solution that provides relaxation as well as a practical foundation. Analytical and of perfectionist nature, you can tend to be hard on yourself and find trouble trying to ease your racing mind. CBD Oil is a subtle, but effective way to provide yourself a calm, clear mind and the comfort of being grounded. With many variations of CBD content available, detail-oriented Virgo is sure to make the right choice for them!

Libra Calm Bundle

Libra - Calm Bundle

Peace-maker and idealistic Libra appreciates creating harmony and bringing others closer together! Maintaining the calm and positivity in their relationships, Libra prioritizes finding the balance of the big picture. Our Calm bundle combines a wonderful pairing, featuring our Zen (CBD) and Focus (Mushroom) gummies. Zen provides the peace and clarity while Focus stimulates the mind to find better solutions and amplify Libra’s imagination.

Scorpio Nine Gummies

Scorpio - Nine

Intense and magnetic, Scorpios can get extremely deep while having a hidden sense of intuition with the mystical sides of life. Our 12mg Delta-9 gummies, Nine, is our choice for the mysterious sign. Nine contains your conventional THC, so its reputation of intense potency proceeds itself. The energetic and soothing stimulation will allow you to reflect without limitations and embrace your bold, fearless side.

Sagittarius Nine Chili Mango Gummies

Sagittarius - Nine+ Mango Chili

This fire sign has got some spice, vibes, and everything nice. Expansive and optimistic, Sagittarius is sure to enjoy our 25mg Nine+ Mango Chili gummies. Providing an energetic uplift and a soothing sensation of the mind, Nine+ is the perfect addition to Sagittarius’ late night deep talks. Your enthusiasm and excitement for life just got even more infectious!

Capricorn Focus

Capricorn - Focus

Pragmatic and persistent Capricorn is here for the long-game and will remain motivated in achieving their goals. What better to assist than our Focus gummies? Focus is our Lion’s Mane Mushroom gummy that, when taken consistently, can enhance your focus and improve your cognitive function overall. Capricorn’s discipline and ambition combined with Focus’ immediate and long-term benefits? Look out, world.

Aquarius Nine Blue Diamond Gummies

Aquarius - Nine+ Blue Diamond

A stand-out in the astrology world, Aquarius embraces their independence, ideals, and unique perspective of the world. Our one and only Nine+ Blue Diamond gummies present themselves as a match made in heaven. The 25mg Delta-9 THC gummy combined with the power of Cannabis terpenes holds a synergy that produces stronger benefits and effects. Providing a “euphoric” high as well as an intensely satisfying physical relaxation, Aquarius will experience a fitting sensation like none other.

Pisces - Bonbons

Pisces - Bonbons (In-Store Only)

Emotional and vulnerable Pisces, you tend to find yourself in the daydream and spending time with your mystical imagination. Our instinct is to assign you a treat as generous and sweet as you are to others, Pisces. Bonbons are GR’s CBD and Delta-9 THC Infused Chocolate bars. Available in Milk and Dark Chocolate, this delightful candy is sure to uplift your kind spirits and fuel the creativity of your boundless dreams!

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