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Munchiez (Delta 9) - Fruity Pebz

Munchiez (Delta 9) - Fruity Pebz

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The sweet treat that keeps on giving!

This delta-9 THC cereal bar, made with your favorite exclusively name-brand cereals, tastes and feels like sweet, sensational serenity.

With all the greatest parts of a delicious dessert, the 300mg of D-9👀, Munchiez will deliver a euphoric, uplifting experience. You know what they say, “One small bite and you’re as high as a…”

    • Includes one 300mg bar of D-9 Fruity Pebz Munchiez pre-cut into one-fourth (1/4) squares, each containing 75mg of THC.
    • Organically grown USA hemp
    • No artificial flavoring. Vegan & gluten-free.
    • Third Party lab tested
    • Start SLOW. We recommend beginning with 1/16th of the full Munchiez bar (18.75mg). Please wait 60-90 minutes before consuming any more to gauge tolerance. Do not consume more than 1/4th of a full bar (50mg) in a single day.
    • To ensure long lasting freshness, we recommend storing your Munchiez in a resealable storage bag.

*Please note THC will show up on a drug test.

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